Electrical Components

Electrical Components for your RIDGID ® Pipe Threader

Most of the parts in this category are PT brand parts and are made for the RIDGID 300 or RIDGID 535 Pipe Threading Machines.

  • PT 36642 Foot Pedal Switch Replaces Ridgid part 36642 B296
  • PT 36662 301A Footswitch With Remote Cord Replaces Ridgid part 36662
  • PT 46740 Power Cord Replaces Ridgid part 46740
  • PT 46735 Cord Grommet Replaces Ridgid part 46735
  • PT 44505 E1417 FWD/REV Switch Replaces Ridgid part 44505
  • PT 50612 Switch Box Replaces Ridgid part 50612
  • PT 36762 Micro Switch Replaces Ridgid part 36762
  • PT 68880 Line Cord Replaces Ridgid part 68880
  • PT 50617 Outlet Jumper Assembly Replaces Ridgid part 50617

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Replacement part designed and manufactured by PT. PT is not affiliated with, and the replacement part is not approved by or warrantied by Ridge Tool Company or Ridgid, Inc. RIDGID® is a trademark of Ridgid, Inc or Ridge Tool Company and is used for product identification purposes only.