31650 Tripod Nut Locking Pin and Pipe Wrench Heel Jaw Pin E4783

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31650 tripod Nut Locking Pin and Pipe Wrench Heel Jaw Pin E4783

  • Replaces OEM Part # 31650 E4783. Highlited yellow in parts diagram above.
  • Fits OEM 460, OEM 450, OEM BC410 Bench Chain Vise and More.
  • Reliable vendor of parts for your OEM Tri Stand.
  • The alternative to buying a brand new OEM Tristand.
  • After-market parts for your Rigid Stand.
  • From the leader in pipe threading replacement parts.
Replaces OEM Part # 31650 E4783 Jaw Pin for the OEM 425 OEM 450 OEM 460 OEM 560 OEM 640 OEM BC-410 OEM BC-410P OEM BC-510 Chain Vises. All parts are guaranteed. Buy parts for Your OEM tripod with confidence. In business for 30 years PT Brand has reputation for quality and Argco has reputation of taking care of their customers.

Replacement part designed and manufactured by PT. PT is not affiliated with, and the replacement part is not approved by or warrantied by Ridge Tool Company or OEM, Inc. OEM is a trademark of OEM, Inc or Ridge Tool Company and is used for product identification purposes only.


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